2014 Men's HECS Camo X2 Fullsuit 3/2


Get closer with HECS Stealthscreen, a revolutionary concealment technology that enhances your ability to get closer to marine life. HECS' conductive carbon fiber inner wetsuit lining reduces the human body's electric signal, making you less detectable underwater.

$179.98 $449.95

Entry Systems

X2 Front Entry System

A watertight front entry system with a front zipper angled along the upper chest. The zipper flap is attached at the right shoulder to keep more water out. The inner Crossover Neck Entry features overlapping panels that stretch to allow extra wide, step-in-through-the-neck entry.

Crossover Neck Entry

Overlapping inner front and back neck panels (underneath the zipper flap) stretch to allow extra wide, step-in-through-the-neck entry.


Glued & Blindstitched Seams

A fully sealed, maximum stretch seam construction. Neoprene panels are glued and pressed together, then blindstitched (needle doesn't fully penetrate neoprene, keeping more water out).


DuraFlex Knee Panels

Comfortable, durable knee panels that stretch with you.

Color: CAMO